Personal Care Services

At HisGrip Home Care, we provide the following personal care services that make our clients’ look and feel their best:

Bathing, Grooming and Hygiene
These services enhance clients’ mental as well as physical well-being, helping them feel positive about their appearance. 

Mobility Assistance
Our caregivers are trained to assist clients with mobility to help them maintain as active a lifestyle as possible. Being able to get active offers both physical and mental health benefits to seniors. 

Transferring and Positioning
Moving and placing clients in correct posture position promotes health, safety, and proper functioning of the body’s systems. This also eliminates pressure areas on the skin and reduces weakening and stiffening of muscles.

Toileting and Incontinence Care
Our caregivers have a caring and compassionate approach for our clients, helping them maintain dignity and self-esteem as they receive help with toileting and incontinence issues. This approach lessens clients’ embarrassment associated with the loss of independence related to incontinence.


Assistance with Eating, Feeding, Fluids and Special Diet
We recognize the loss of independence particularly regarding the inability to eat without assistance may be difficult to accept for some clients. Our caregivers understand this and make the extra effort to turn mealtime into an enjoyable social time.

Other Personal Care Tasks
Oral Care: teeth, dentures and oral hygiene
Nails: Clean and file
Exercise: Accompany on walks and physical activities
Preparation of nutritious meals
Accompanying to social activities and appointments